What is the minimum and maximum bag height when the table top band sealer is in the vertical position?

125mm is the minimum and 280mm is the maximum height. However all our machines are fully customizable therefore this can be made to your requirement?

How far out can the conveyor be positioned when in horizontal position?

The conveyor can be adjusted from 114mm to 254mm

What is the maximum load the conveyor can withstand?

5kg for the PS-BS150VHE, PS-BS1000VHP, PS-BS1000HSP and 25kg for the PS-BS600VSP.

What is the most command part to replace?

The Teflon strip and belts- 2 of each come with the machine in the spare parts kit.

How many bags can the band sealers seals per minute?

Depending on the width and thickness of the bag this can vary but for a standard 80mic thickness at an average width of 160mm these machines can seal up to 70 bags per minute.

How much is the delivery cost?

Delivery cost very per machine as each machine differs in weight and size. Delivery cost is shown at checkout.

Do you deliver internationally and what is the cost?

Yes, we deliver internationally, the cost depends on the machines ordered and the country where you would like us to deliver. Please call us and we can provide a quotation for international delivery.